Clarifying Goals & Indicators

This session is designed to help you reflect on the clarity & alignment of your goals, indicators, measurement and action plans for your project. This session can support a variety of types of projects, including Educational Projects and board-wide PD initiatives.


You will leave the meeting with:

  • Feedback on the clarity and alignment of your goals & indicators
  • Feedback on additional planning required in any sections of the project & associated application

Session Details

During our meeting we will explore topics such as:

  • How aligned are your goals, indicators and measures?
  • What ongoing data can you collect to get feedback on your impact and progress towards your goals?
  • How do you think big (school or board-wide vision) and start small with a project plan that is achievable?

Session Information

Format: Live, online meeting (Teams, Zoom)
Target Audience: Consultants, School Board Team, School Team, IES professionals
Length: 90 minutes

Thoughts from Past Participants

We worked with consultants to iron out the details of their project proposal, from the problem they were addressing, short and long-term goals, to the indicators and measurement plan. We provided feedback on draft versions of proposals and collaborated to plan next steps beyond the proposal.

“Roseann and Kesi helped me to focus on the actual goals of the project, and also how to organize the proposal to best make the intentions of the project clear to everyone”  ~ consultant, EMSB

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