Measuring impact

This session supports you with interpreting your data in order to draw conclusions and plan your next actions, based on insights gained.


You will leave the meeting with:

  • A concrete reflective process to support impact measurement
  • A plan for next steps

Session Details

During our meeting we will explore topics such as:

  • What actions did we take? What was the impact? What were unintended consequences?
  • Which actions should we keep, change, drop?
  • Which actions should we spread or scale?
  • How to plan, implement and reflect on the data collection process

Session Information

Format: Live, online meeting (Teams, Zoom)
Target Audience: Consultants, School Board Team, School Team, IES professionals
Length: 90 minutes

Thoughts from Past Participants

We supported a provincial DEEN subcommittee to create a clear data collection plan alongside their action plan, to make sure their actions were easy to measure, evaluate and improve.

“The support the two of you provided us through the AMI framework was instrumental in this - Thank you so much for this feedback - this makes for great reflection. We can't thank you enough!”  ~ consultant, DEEN sub-committee

With another team, we promoted the use of the PDSA cycle to reflect on and continuously improve their support with the creation and evaluation of PLCs.

“Thank you for your valuable time and input, it's refreshing to have some other minds on this that can provide feedback - you always give great support and I always come away from our meetings with increased clarity and a number of helpful ideas. I very much appreciate your team accompanying us in our endeavors. I'm happy to have you both as 'critical friends' in the process.”  ~ Admin, SWLSB

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