Survey design & data interpretation

This session is designed to help you plan a survey to get information that will help you achieve your goal.


You will leave the meeting with:

  • Improved knowledge on building effective surveys
  • Feedback on your survey
  • Knowledge on how to analyze and use survey results
  • Insights into survey results

Session Details

During our meeting we will explore topics such as:

  • What data do you need to help you solve your problem?
  • Which questions should you ask to get the right data?
  • What is the data from the survey telling you? What next?

Session Information

Format: Live, online meeting (Teams, Zoom)
Target Audience: Consultants, School Board Team, School Team, IES professionals
Length: 90 minutes

Thoughts from Past Participants

We have met with numerous consultants and teams to plan, review and refine surveys in order to ensure the results lead to the most useful information that helps them plan their next steps towards improved services.

“The last meeting has allowed me to target the intended goal more readily. The team's have also allowed to refine the Survey developed”
~ consultant, NFSB

“The opportunity to discuss and reflect on actions that have taken place this year and how to further improve on our survey to assess the needs of our school communities was very useful”
~ admin, ETSB

Check out this Survey Design Video for some tips to get you started.

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